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In Remembrance...


We Remember Our Brothers

Shortly before his own Passion, our Lord Jesus wept tears with Mary and Martha upon the death of Lazarus. In the midst of this sorrow, he told Martha: "I am the Resurrection and the Life: whoever believes in Me, though he should die, will come to life" (Jn 11:25-26).

 Jesus raised Lazarus from the tomb to teach us that death is not the end for those who believe, but rather a glorious beginning. Upon leaving this world, the faithfully departed begin their journey toward a heavenly dwelling place, prepared for them by Christ who rose from the dead (cf.,Jn14:2-3).

The passing away of our earthly life, therefore, is a transition to a new life, in which “every tear is wiped from our faces” (cf., IS 25:8) and sickness, pain and suffering are no more.

Every Knight of Columbus is entrusted to the care of Mary, the Mother of God. We carry the Rosary as the sign of our dedication to her and to her Son. Confident in her motherly love for us all, we entrust the souls of our Brother Knight's to her, so that she may present them to her Son.

  • Neil Amoruso, 5/4/2020
  • Joseph Pikula, 8/28/2020
  • TBD

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