2022-23 Council Officers

COUNCIL OFFICERS    (July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024)

Chaplain…………………….Msgr. Joseph R. Giandurco

Grand Knight……………..Daniel Fitzpatrick

Deputy Grand Knight…John Stedman

Chancellor…………………Andrew Amenn

Recorder……………………Robert DiPrato

Financial Secretary…….Vincent Milano

Treasurer……………………Richard DeSilva

Lecturer……………………..David Ellis

Advocate……………………Todd Carozza

Warden………………………Lawrence Adams

Inside Guard……………….James Vignola

Outside Guards…………..Randy Serafin

Board of Trustees (1/2/3yr)……..Richard Wolff/ Eugene Nojman/ Charles Angelillo


Council Officers     [July 1-June 30, 2022]

 Chaplain                                    Fr. Ryan A. Muldoon

 Grand Knight                             Richard Wolff                                 

 Deputy Grand Knight                 Daniel Fitzpatrick

 Chancellor                                 John Stedman

 Recorder                                    Robert DiPrato

 Financial Secretary                    Vincent Milano

 Treasurer                                    Richard DeSilva

 Lecturer                                      Lawrence Doucet Vacant

 Advocate                                    Todd Carozza

 Warden                                       Donald Bender  Larry Adams

 Inside/Outside Guards                Lawrence Adams/ Jerry Lanza

 Board of Trustees                       Charles Angelillo, James Bizzarro, Edward Schmidt


Unless otherwise noted, the following positions are elected annually by our council’s membership.

Chaplain - A priest chosen annually by the Grand Knight, deputy grand knight and board of trustees. The chaplain is the spiritual leader of the council. He nurtures the faith in council members particularly through the sacraments but also through spiritual direction, retreats and other events and support. The Grand Knight would meet regularly with the council Chaplain to see how the council can best support the Catholic community among the Parishes the council serves.

Grand Knight - The Grand Knight is the council's chief executive officer. He is responsible for setting council goals and ensuring that all officers fulfill their duties in reaching these objectives. He presides over all meetings; appoints program and committee directors as needed; fills officer roles in the event of vacancies; countersigns checks and orders for payment; and oversees the council’s degree team. The Grand Knight must complete the Safe Environment training.

Deputy Grand Knight - The Deputy Grand Knight serves as the Grand Knight's right-hand person and fills in for the Grand Knight when he is not present. Some Deputy Grand Knights serve as their council's program director. Ultimately, he assists the Grand Knight in leading the council and reaching council objectives. In some councils, the Deputy Grand Knight role might be used to groom a possible Grand Knight candidate for the following year. Finally, the Deputy Grand Knight may serve as a liaison between the council and other community groups that share similar interest 

Chancellor - The Chancellor assists both the Grand and Deputy Grand Knights in the leading of the council by engaging and strengthening the council's membership. His primary responsibilities include recruiting and retaining members and to this end he should set up events that display the values and principles of the Knights of Columbus. The chancellor should participate in the council's degree team and should serve on both the Admission and Retention committees. 

Recorder - The Recorder has the responsibility of recording all meetings and events held by the council. He should record minutes, conversations, and other information helpful to the council and prepare them to be distributed to the membership in a timely manner in the Members Portal on the council's website.. Additionally, he should help with council event notifications, council meeting reminders, and assist with council social media responsibilities.

Financial Secretary - The Financial Secretary is chosen by the trustees and the officers of the council for a three-year term and approved by the supreme knight. He provides continuity in the council and has the responsibility of collecting dues as well as ensuring that the council's financial recordings are kept up to date. Additionally, he ensures that membership records are current, issues membership cards, files regular reports to the district, regional, state, and supreme offices and submits the annual 990 to the IRS. 

Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for managing the council funds, whether in bank or other financial accounts. He receives money from the financial secretary and deposits funds into council accounts. He is also responsible for paying all council expenses. He also balances and verifies the ledger and keeps the updated budget approved by the council. In conjunction with Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, Financial Secretary, and others the Grand Knight directs assists in the preparation for approval of the council the council's annual budget.

Lecturer – Appointed annually by the Grand Knight, the lecturer provides brief spiritual discourses and reflections during business meetings for the “Good of the Order”. If the lecturer cannot be present, he should appoint a council member to give the reflection for him.

Advocate - The Advocate acts as council parliamentarian. He should be knowledgeable in Robert's Rules of Order and Methods of Conducting a Council Meeting (#1937). He may seek legal assistance from the state advocate, should issues arise. The advocate should be able to take on additional responsibilities as the council deems necessary.

Warden - The Warden oversees setting up meetings and leads both the inside and outside guards. Arranges the council chambers for meetings and degree exemplifications. He is the custodian of the council officers medals of position; distributes the same before each Business Meeting and collects for safekeeping these Medals after the meeting. Performs other such duties as the Grand Knight may direct.

Inside/Outside Guards - The Inside and Outside guards carry out tasks given to them by the Grand Knight and follow the Warden's orders. They are responsible for checking membership cards and allowing entrance to meetings. 

Trustees (3) - Trusteeship of the council consists of the Grand Knight and three other members, who are elected by the council’s membership for terms of three years, two years and one year. The trustees advise the Grand Knight, supervise the council's financial matters, and conduct the semiannual audits. Usually, the immediate past Grand Knight will serve as a trustee. All ensures that proper protocol and procedures are followed by the council for the payment of monies — however, they cannot override the vote of the council’s membership.


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