More on Joining the Knights of Columbus

Men interested in joining the Fr. John LaFarge Knights of Columbus of Yorktown NY. can do so at any time during the year.  You do not have to wait until a membership drive is held or until someone invites you to join.  You can take the initiative to join.  The first step in becoming a Knight is to contact a current Knight or Chancellor and complete a membership application.  Application for membership should be made through the council in the community nearest your place of residence.  After your application is reviewed and approved by the council and admissions committee, you will attend a degree exemplification.  After the Degree exemplification, you are considered a council member and are welcome to attend regularly held council meetings and events.

Prospective knights without a permanent domicile, such as men on temporary assignment in the armed forces, may make application through their hometown council or at the nearest military base council.

All priests and religious brothers who apply for membership and participate in the ceremonials become honorary life members of the Order and are exempt from payment of annual dues.

There is a modest initiation fee and annual dues set by subordinate councils under regulations established by the Supreme Council.  For Fr. John LaFarge Council, there is a one-time initiation fee of $15, and annual dues have been set at $15 since the council’s founding.

There are four degrees in the Knights of Columbus.  They can be thought of as lessons in charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.  They are meant to inspire knights to grow in their Catholic faith, and to think about these principles as they progress on their journey as knights.
The first degree is about charity and is required before a candidate can become a member.
The second degree is about unity.
The third degree is about fraternity and is required before a knight is considered a full knight with the privilege to become an officer, attend state meetings or attend supreme conventions. 

In 2020, the Knights of Columbus have accelerated the process where a prospective member can participate in an online program and receive all three degrees at once, thus becoming a full Sir Knight. See the Grand Knight and/or our Chancellor for more information by using our Contact or Apply Now Page on this website to send your inquiry.

The fourth degree is about patriotism, and is required before a Knight can join an assembly or participate in the color corps.  The primary purpose of the fourth degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship.
The first fourth degree exemplification was held on February 22, 1900 in New York City, and officially added patriotism to the three original principles of the Order: charity, unity and fraternity.  Any third degree member in good standing with one year of membership is eligible to become a fourth degree.

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