Our Prayers Really do make a Difference

Posted on Wed, 01/05/2022 - 13:24 by Father.Muldoon

The follow words from Fr. Muldoon with the Knights were given at the November'21 Council Meeting...

"You might recall the phrases "Church Triumphant," "Church Suffering," and "Church Militant" from an old Catechism.  We are all members of the "Church Militant," those still on earth; "militant" reminds us that we're still in the midst of a real battle between good and evil in this life.  We celebrated the "Church Triumphant" on All Saints Day; the "Church Triumphant" is all those who are already in the glory of heaven.  November is dedicated in a particular way to the "Church Suffering," or all those in Purgatory who are undergoing a time of purification before entering Heaven.  There's only one Church—that of Jesus Christ—but it has members in those three states: Militant, Suffering, and Triumphant.  As members of the Church Militant, we have a solemn responsibility to pray for the members of the Church Suffering.  Our prayers really do make a difference; our prayers really do bring the "Holy Souls" more quickly from Purgatory to Heaven.  Let us continue to pray for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory throughout this month of November.  Let us pray in particular for our deceased loved ones and our deceased Brother Knights that, through the mercy of God, they may rest in peace.

A special prayer of gratitude for all the members of our Council who are Veterans.  We thank you for your service, and we honor you in a special way in the Month of November and remember you always."

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